Shenzhen Dongdixin Technology

Shenzhen Dongdixin Technology is a pioneer of complete solution provider in the area of physiotherapy and rehabilitation for musculoskeletal health, pain management and senior citizen health management,with brand name Nu-Tek. Through the high level of quality and continuous innovation, Nu-Tek provides world effective and efficient way for clinicians and patients.


As a forerunner brand of physiotherapy and rehabilitation solution provider, Nu-Tek is sold in over 40 countries and districts in North American, EMEA and African continent. Presently, Nu-Tek covers mostly physiotherapy techniques of electrotherapy, shortwave therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, magneto therapy, electro acupuncture therapy and EMG biofeedback.We also provide the solution for TENS, sports & fitness, incontinence and NMES/rehabilitation through our portable devices.

Our worldwide after-sale service plan and management is covered by our dedicated Nu-Tek team through reliable knowledge to satisfy our distributors and customers all over the world.

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