Chile seeks investments from Chinas


Chile is seeking foreign investments from China and other Asian countries amid the current global economic instability, said Matias Mori, vice executive president of the country's Foreign Investments Committee, on Wednesday.

The government has introduced sufficient strategies in respect of China and other Asian regions since one and a half years ago, including promotional investment materials printed in English and Mandarin Chinese, Mori said.

Government officials also worked with the Chinese embassy and traveled several times to China, Mori said, adding he believed "confidence in Chinese culture is essential to making business.

"Chinese investors are interested in capital-intensive projects," he said.

Mori said that amid current international economic instability, Chile is seen by foreign investors as a reliable destination as it has been historically.

"Studies from the United Nations and financial organizations say we are in a very good position now and during the coming years, and foreign investment should increase," Mori said.

"Chile is a mining country, so that sector will always receive larger investment flow," he said.

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