ShortRehab Pro ST2300

This device offers continuous and pulsed applications, intended to generate deep heat within body tissues for the treatment of selected medical conditions such as muscle spasms, joint contractures, and pain relief which has the advantage of a greater penetration depth in contrast with conventional methods, such as hot packs, baths or infrared light. Its direction-adjustable arms enable comfortable treatment of each body part. And it is suitable for use in out-patient clinics, hospitals, and other facilities.


  • Continuous and pulsed mode (allows thermal and a-thermal treatment) 

  • Inductive applicators 

  • Continuously adjustable 

  • Built-in timer with automatic shut-off 

  • Fully adjustable electrode arms  

  • Patient safety switch 

  • 99 user-defined protocols 

  • 6 clinical protocols on board 

  • Power generation via a high efficiency 

  • Fully adjustable pulse rate and pulse width

  • Produces high-frequency electric currents within the body tissue by means of induction

  • Most effective for tissues with good blood circulation (e.g.muscle tissue and inner organs)

The Basic Parameters
Main powerAC 100-240V, 50hz/60hz
Weight36 Kg
Output frequency27.12 MHz
Pulsed width20-400uS
Pulsed rate10-800Hz
Treatment time1-30 min
Output power


Max. output power in cont mode100W
Max. output power in pulsed mode200W
Preset protocols6
User program99
Electrical safety classClass IBF-type
Safety testsIEC 60601-1IEC 60601-1-2IEC 60601-2-3
Part Number
ST2300.200ShortRehab Pro ST2300
Standard Accessories
ST2300B100User manual
ACC010B300Power cable
ARM200.300Electrode arm
Inductive electrode diameter 14cm
ACC010C002Cable for inductive applicator
ACC050C600Allen wrench
Optional Accessories
AC7030.300Inductive Electrode diameter 10cm

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