LasoRehab Advanced LS2200

This device offers the monochromatic, coherent and polarized laser light, which helps to improve micro vascular, stimulates angiogenesis process, boost up number and activity of enzymes and change the secretion of neurotransmitters and hormones. It contains continuous and pulsed laser therapy, widely used for rehabilitation, orthopaedics, and sports.


  • Class 4 high level laser therapy

  • Independent control over all parameters

  • Continuous and pulsed operation available

  • Deep tissue penetration with power up to 15W

  • Optimal tissue absorption due the 2 different wavelengths: 850nm and 1040nm

  • Pulsed mode for immediate elimination of pain

  • Full color LCD touch-screen interface

  • Preset protocols for easy application

  • Automatic laser source calibration

  • Safety footswitch operation

  • USB port for easy software upgrades

The Basic Parameters
Independent channels1
Power supplyAC 100-240,50/60Hz
Weight4.5 kg
Modes of operationContinuous and pulsed
Laser power Up to 15W
Duty factor10%-90%
Laser class4
Treatment timer1-99 minutes
Preset protocols55
User program100
Electrical safety classClass I, Type BF
Safety testsIEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, IEC 60601-2-22:2007, IEC 60825-1:2007 
Part Number
LS2200.200LasoRehab2 Advanced LS2200-810/980nm
LasoRehab2 Advanced LS2200-1064nm 
Standard Accessories
ACC050C400Footswitch control
ACC050C701Safety hand piece spacer 30 mm
ACC050C200Safety interlock
ACC050C101Laser protective glasses (2X)
LS2200B100User manual
Optional Accessories
ACC050C702Safety hand piece spacer 60 mm 
ACC050C700Safety hand piece spacer 10 mm 

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